Rotator cuff tears are associated with pain, night pain, and inability to lift objects or to keep the arm elevated. Tears can be caused by trauma, degeneration or impingement.

Your treatment will depend on different factors such as tear size, atrophy and fatty infiltration, time span from injury, shoulder arthritis, co-morbid conditions and age.  This also determines the healing and outcome of your treatment. 

Surgery of a repairable cuff entails repairing the rotator cuff with an anchor and sutures.  It is usually accompanied by a sub-acromial decompression ± acromioclavicular excision.  The biceps tendon will also be addressed if needed.  Surgery can be done open or arthroscopically.  You will be kept in a sling for 6 weeks after which you will start your rehabilitation with the physiotherapist.  It can take up to 6 months to improve.

If the cuff is irreparable, other treatment options will be discussed with you.