Meniscal injuries are common in all age groups.  Patients complain of pain, catching and locking.  Injuries can be traumatic or degenerative.  The decision on your treatment will depend on the mechanism and time span of the injury, type of tear, age of the patient, occupation and associated injuries.



Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment will only relieve your symptoms; it will not heal the tear. It is an option in the elderly when there is no compartmental osteoarthritis or locking of the knee, and when surgery is not desired.

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Analgesia and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Heel wedge (special inner sole)
  • Activity modification.



The type of tear will determine the type of surgery.  Surgery consists of either a repair or partial meniscectomy. 

The type of surgery will determine your rehabilitation and progress.  You can commence sport once you are pain free, have no mechanical symptoms and the CYBEX muscle strength is 80% more than the contralateral leg.